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Things You Need To Know About Hiring A Surface Cleaning Service

Things to know about hiring cleaning service

In 2020, the world was hit with the deadly coronavirus, causing many people to get sick and forcing many others indoors to avoid infection. At the time, figuring out how to combat the virus became a matter of sanitation, with the CDC issuing cleaning protocols that were meant to help prevent infection in both the home and business. And that meant holding ourselves to higher cleaning and sanitation standards in any environment.

If you're a business owner, you know all too well how important it is for your place of business to be clean and bacteria-free. However, you may not have the time (or the experience) to train your team on these new cleaning protocols...let alone keep up with them. So what do you do?

Usually, in this situation, many businesses hire cleaning professionals to handle their sanitation and cleaning needs. But before you hop on the phone and start calling professional cleaning companies, you're going to need to know some things first.

Your first task is to get familiar with the new steps that organizations must take to clean and disinfect their workplaces, even if you aren't planning on doing the actual cleaning yourself.

To do that, you'll have to look at the most recently published CDC guide for cleaning and disinfecting public spaces, workplaces, businesses, schools, and homes. Use this guide as your roadmap to developing an idea of the type of cleaning practices your business needs to follow. A cleaning professional will be able to help you fine-tune your plan with their services.

Next, create your plan. Assess your workplace and figure out what needs to be cleaned and how frequently. Identify your high-contact areas and determine the best way to disinfect them. The CDC recommends disinfecting these areas at least once a day. You will also need to get familiar with the type of products and equipment required to get the job done.

Remember that cleaning practices may change over time due to the types of cleaners and equipment available. Just make sure you continue to follow the recommended cleaning steps; soap and water first, disinfectant second.

Now that you have a plan, it's time to move that plan into action. Time to go hunting for a good cleaning professional!

How To Choose The Right Professional Cleaner

There are many professional cleaning companies out there to choose from, and if you're not informed, it's easy to hire one that is not suited for your needs. So before you hire any cleaning company, you should follow these seven steps to help ensure that you're picking the right one for the job.

  • Do Your Research
  • Interview Your Candidates
  • Check Their Credentials
  • Ask For References
  • Discuss Cost
  • Get Everything In Writing

Going through this process will help you narrow down which cleaning companies are serious about their business and which ones are only there for a quick buck.

At Bluegrass Soft Wash, we take surface cleaning very seriously. Our soft wash and pressure washing services can be tailored to suit your surface cleaning needs, whether it's hardwood or marble. And our specialized solution is guaranteed to make your surfaces shine and sparkle without causing damage to your floor. We also offer fence washing for your commercial fencing so that your fence can shine along with your hard surfaces it encloses. With Bluegrass Soft Wash, you'll get the best in complete pressure washing services.

If you're looking for a surface cleaning professional for your home or business, please call us at Bluegrass Soft Wash for a free consultation and an estimate.

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